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Hi, I’m Stephanie Davis, Founder of Coreology. 

I help businesses and people grow.

Coreology Solutions Inc.

(formerly Leapfrog Performance Systems Inc.) was founded on the principle that power (and ability to transform or pivot) is strongly concentrated at the core. Coreology utilizes principles, techniques, and processes that find the core, get to the core, and work from the core of any situation, issue, structure or system so we can QUICKLY get to the desired solution or outcome. Coreology is also based on the fact that nothing occurs in isolation. To effect positive change and achieve results, everything needs to be examined in terms of its: Context – what came before? what will come after? What level of maturity and understanding exists around it? What is already in the space, the minds, the market, etc.? Origin – Where did this come from? What is its essence? What makes it what it is? Can we see cause and effect? (Systems go from simple, to complex to chaotic. Cause and effect are easily seen in simple systems. It’s much harder in complex systems, and only available in hindsight or retrospect when systems are operating at the edge of chaos.) Roles or Goals – What are the desires, aspirations, motivations, pressures and forces at play? Are they in alignment or opposition?  Goals in opposition cause systems to oscillate. Only when values and goals are aligned can a system or structure move forward and accelerate. Ecosystem – who and what exists in the ecosystem around this? What are all the components and forces holding things in their current balance? Where are the hidden opportunities and threats in this ecosystem?  What is the future likely to hold if things shift?

Stephanie Davis

I’ve been an entrepreneur, business owner, corporate CEO, coach, trainer and consultant for over 30 years. My mission at this stage is to share my hard-won wisdom and to help entrepreneurs and business owners avoid potholes, navigate whitewater rapids and surf competitive and disruptive waves and reach their highest potential.

My formal education is in Psychology, Business & Systems Theory. This combination, coupled with my passion for life-long learning in a variety of subjects has given me rare breadth and depth of knowledge that I use to help clients run smoothly and gain competitive advantage.

My business experience includes becoming the top salesperson in a large multinational company, founding a 7-figure international training & consulting company, and holding interim executive positions for various clients. These roles have included: International Marketing Director, COO, and President of a large multinational.

This experience in the trenches has given me very solid, hard-won wisdom. I don’t wave airy-fairy ideas or concepts around. I believe very strongly in finding and using WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS. I’ve helped entrepreneurs get to their first 6-figures, Fortune 500 companies go through disruption and deregulation, and I’ve worked closely to help a long-term client get from startup to over $500 million per year.