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Stephanie Davis
Founder & CEO


Power (and the ability to transform or pivot) is strongly concentrated at the core.

Coreology is about getting to, and working from the core of any situation, structure or system in order to QUICKLY achieve desired outcomes.


Coaching, Training & Consulting Services

Innovation, Growth & Immortality – In the age of networked hyper-competition and superspeed change, companies need clarity, innovation and agility to leap S and J curves and achieve continuous growth

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Creative Collaboration  Lean, agile, competitive companies cannot afford wasted resources – including human ones.  All hands need to be on deck, synergistically cooperating to create inward and outward facing value

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Competitive Advantage –  A “STAR” business is one that holds the number-one position in a fast-growing market. Any business that isn’t there needs core strategies to get there, to change gears, or to plan the funeral

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